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"This was a very well run camp. My daughter is in 6th grade and she enjoyed every minute. The camp was run in a way that all level of players can benefit. I enjoyed the heavy focus on mastering crucial basketball skills, dribbling, working on both left and right handed layups & correct shooting form. I would suggest this camp and look forward to attending others."

Mike Housman


“To be honest I love this life skills and leadership group. It helped me to think about life in a different way. Albert was really good at discussing his topics. He worked with us very well. Personally I think he is a cool dude. I feel like he gets me and my situation. He was nasty at ball. Overall I enjoyed his class and enjoyed meeting him.”

-(Student) Wayside Campus: Wayside Youth & Family Support Network


“My greatest fears are not accomplishing my goals, moving, and losing my family. This life skills and leadership group was helping me to develop different ways to handle, deal with and overcome my fears.”

-(Student) Wayside Campus: Wayside Youth & Family Support Network


“Summer camp is missing one of the best groups they could have been apart of. It really takes all your attention and at the end of the day you do get a lot from it.”

-(Student Participant: life skills and leadership) Wayside Campus: Wayside Youth & Family  Support Network