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IRiseAboveIt Outreach

"I am so thankful to have been apart of such a positive and energetic group of people just like me, and being able to promote the importance of uplifting those around us. The past three days of helping others and learning more about working as a team and being leaders in our community taught lessons that I’ll always remember. I want to thank Coach Hayle for allowing me to participate in this experience and I wish him the best of luck for continued success like this."

(Student) Tyler Nolan: From our last Outreach Event


"In these last 3 days I have really learned the importance of communication and teamwork. In the past, I’ve been a part of groups or teams where people are very stubborn and make up their minds so quick that they fail to listen to other people’s ideas. In the team building activities, in order to succeed we needed to listen to each other and combine certain aspects of everyone's ideas for the best results. An example of our group using teamwork is the ropes course we participated in. In order for the climber to be successful, the baley team needed to be there to support them. The teamwork dynamic displayed between the climber and baley team really open my eyes as to how important teamwork is. Overall my IRISEABOVEIT experience was great and I look forward to more opportunities in the future."

(Student) Declan: From our last Outreach Event


"These past three days are not at all what I anticipated it to be. At first hearing about, I thought it was just going to be 3 days of non stop community work, and basically it was just going to be boring. It was not like that at all. Though we did do some community service, it was well balanced with having fun later on in the day. Even though everything we did had nothing do with basketball, everything we did taught me something about how the game of basketball should be played.

Through hard work, determination, power of will, but most importantly, teamwork. The teamwork we have used throughout these past days has been extraordinary. I also learned that teamwork does not involve you doing the action or even being on the court with them. By cheering them on and motivating them can be just as useful and effective. To be honest, when I was climbing the obstacle course at project adventure, I would not of even made it past the first part if I didn’t have Farai helping me and giving me tips because he already new had to do, Coach Hayle yelling at me saying I could do it, Coach Jim and Cameil encouraging me, my balair team holding me up. All of them had no effect physically on me climbing, but had everything to do with my mental mindset.

I also learned the importance of teamwork and how trusting them makes the whole scenario so much easier just by trusting them. An example is when I was blindfolded and had to cross Mohawk course. When I went Rambo and tried to do it all my self I fell and fell repeatedly. It wasn’t until I trusted and truly listened to victor and Declan and trusted them that I succeeded. And when I did listen and trust them, it was so much easier. After all of this, I am really glad I came. The life skills I have learned are priceless and I would gladly do it again."

(Student) Caleb Scott: From our last Outreach Event


"Yesterday showed all of us how to work together during difficult times and that everyone’s word means a lot and that no one is wrong or right. You should also encourage each other’s through the tough times in life and push them to there fullest potential, and that you should also push yourself. Yesterday also showed that everyone needs someone in life. Today was amazing because we are giving back to the community and helping people that are struggling in life without consistent food and water."


(Student) Tyler Guerriero: From our last Outreach Event


"This experience was an incredible eye opening experience especially when we went to the pine street shelter and saw the homeless people just all sitting there tired and probably cold and some of them were still smiling and happy and in good spirits that really made me realize that I have a lot and should be great full and the project adventure taught me that I don’t always have to be heard to make a difference and that I can trust my teammates with my “life” then today see all the food we put together for the homeless it made me feel great. It felt so great when we made it to the top of the mountain."

(Student) Farai Zuvaradoka: From our last Outreach Event


"This was a very well run camp. My daughter is in 6th grade and she enjoyed every minute. The camp was run in a way that all level of players can benefit. I enjoyed the heavy focus on mastering crucial basketball skills, dribbling, working on both left and right handed layups & correct shooting form. I would suggest this camp and look forward to attending others."

Mike Housman



“To be honest I love this life skills and leadership group. It helped me to think about life in a different way. Albert was really good at discussing his topics. He worked with us very well. Personally I think he is a cool dude. I feel like he gets me and my situation. He was nasty at ball. Overall I enjoyed his class and enjoyed meeting him.”

-(Student) Wayside Campus: Wayside Youth & Family Support Network


“My greatest fears are not accomplishing my goals, moving, and losing my family. This life skills and leadership group was helping me to develop different ways to handle, deal with and overcome my fears.”

-(Student) Wayside Campus: Wayside Youth & Family Support Network


“Summer camp is missing one of the best groups they could have been apart of. It really takes all your attention and at the end of the day you do get a lot from it.”

-(Student Participant: life skills and leadership) Wayside Campus: Wayside Youth & Family  Support Network