Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness:

Sports and Fitness

Our goal is to bring no cost sports and fitness to low-income communities through providing lessons around healthy nutrition, effective exercise techniques and basketball skill development. We will partner with different community groups to educate young people on healthy nutrition and cost effective daily exercise routines. In return we hope to promote healthy decision-making around behaviors and lifestyle choices by raising awareness, providing education, improving communication, and/or connecting community members with culturally appropriate programs and services.

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Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum

Tools/instruments needed:

  • Nutritional expert/educator
  • Physical/personal trainer and or exercise specialist

Goals and Objectives lesson

Competence in Nutritional Facts:

  • Learn the history of nutrition and nutritional facts… why it’s important to embrace healthy eating habits.
  • Identify the pros and cons associated with healthy vs. unhealthy daily nutritional intake.
  • Education around nutritional facts associated with at-risk and underserved young people.
  • Education around cost effective nutritional balance.

Competence in Development/implementation of Nutritional plan:

  • Education around how to set goals and develop cost effective nutrition plan.
  • How to document and track personal nutrition goals.
  • Education around how to calculate nutritional needs.
  • How to develop and implement strong support system.
  • Education around risk factors associated with unhealthy vs. healthy nutritional habits.
Competence in Nutritional monitoring/tracking progress
  • Education in Monitoring/Tracking progress around nutritional goals.

Competence in daily physical exercise routine

  • Education in effective daily exercise routines and why it’s important to exercise daily.
  • Education in cost effective exercise routines/locations to implement them.
  • Education in how to develop an effective exercise plan
  • Physical examples and demonstrations of exercises and exercise routines.
  • Education in how to balance nutrition and exercise.
  • Providing trainers to do weekly demonstrations of cost effective exercise routines.