Rise Up For Change

iRiseAboveIt: Rise up for change…
Help Others Go Beyond Their Limitations

Together we unite… Together we rise for change… let iRiseAboveIt, Inc. and our inspirational youths and adolescents do their part to help improve our communities and help others go beyond their limitations…

Come rise with us as we strive to bridge the gap between communities by empowering and inspiring our young people to come together and be change agents in the lives of those struggling day to day to make ends meet. We feel that our Missionary Retreats and Sports and Fitness outreach programs can be key factors in strengthening the core of our communities…our children.

Our goal is to provide our services in two ways:

1. Unite and take young people from urban and suburban communities on weekly missionary retreats to give their service to others in need

2. Partner with parks and recreation, community centers, school departments and local colleges to bring no cost sports and fitness to the local community

In return we hope this experience helps them develop the strength and characteristics to overcome their own challenges, as they are enlightened to the true value of life and the inner strength they have to inspire others. At IriseAboveIt, Inc. we aspire to change the lives of those in need and the lives of those serving those in need.

Support us in our efforts to bring no cost sports and fitness to low-income communities through providing lessons around healthy nutrition, effective exercise techniques and basketball skill development.

No matter their circumstances our youths and adolescents are remarkable beyond measure.  They are intelligent and, with the right resources and opportunities for growth, can be tremendous contributors to the changes needed in our communities. All our programs are centered on Life Skills and Leadership Development.

Aspire to Inspire and DONATE to our life changing causes today!!

Missionary Retreat: Unite group of 10-12 Urban and Suburban young people on weekly volunteer retreats to help those in need of support go beyond their everyday limitations…

Sports and Fitness: Partner with different community groups to educate young people on healthy nutrition and cost effective daily exercise routines with and implementation of basketball skill development.

Please send donations to: 

IRiseAboveIt Inc.
68A High Street
Woburn, MA 01801

Make check payable to IRiseAboveIt Inc.