Rise Athletics

Rise Athletics

Basketball is transcendent across cultures; it can be used to influence positive changes.

We must work together as a community to reveal... to encourage... to spark the intelligence of youth... We believe the best way to do that is to lay a strong foundation through the sport they love. We believe that in order to truly improve society... we must first improve the lives of those responsible for the future of society. We must invigorate their minds, body and soul so the possibility of change and growth becomes a reality.

Our basketball skills academy along with our core values is structured to add stability to a youth's life while strengthening their basketball skills. For our youth, an actively healthy life, is a productive life...

Our goal is to utilize basketball skill development to build unity, develop discipline and most importantly teach young people effective ways to build and improve their basketball skills.

We will provide skill development to grammar school, middle school, high school, and collegiate level players. On special occasions... we will also provide skill development to professional players during their offseason. We will partner with local travel and AAU teams to provide team skill development and practice space if needed. Our private training will provide not only a platform for the player to improve every aspects of his/her game, but also master a specific part including but not limited to passing ,shooting, ball handling, court awareness, game situation and strength and conditioning. Each of our sessions will create a learning environment for the athlete to push his/her self beyond their limitations... while developing their skills and improving basketball IQ. Our daily skill development routine will enable players to transform themselves into highly skilled and versatile athletes.

Our programs will rotate on a seasonal schedule (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer(that corresponds with the local travel, AAU, high school, and college season.

Basketball Skills Academy

  • Teamwork/Encouragement (Highlight Core Value of the Day)
  • Dynamic Team Stretch
  • Dynamic layup Drills
  • Ball Control/Shooting/Passing
  • JAB Step/Triple Threat
  • Rebounding/Box-out
  • Defensive Footwork/Conditioning
  • Court Awareness/Game Situation

We offer hourly, individual and group sessions every week.  Contact us if you are interested!

Rise Athletics