Life Skills & Leadership Cirriculum

Module 1: MInd-Shift: Learning from the past

  1. Introduction to Life Skills & Leadership Group. Review Growth Mindset and Hopes and Dreams (Planning for the Future)
  2. Analyzing the source of high risk behavior; Risk Taking (Healthy and Un-healthy)
  3. Our Friends, Our Choices/Taking Responsibility, Taking Control
  4. Lost Childhood (Embracing and letting go of the past)
  5. Guest Speakers Panel (Discussion: High-risk behavior and impact of childhood)

-Self-Reflection Presentation & Certificate Ceremony-

Module 2: Self-Discovery: Understanding and Accepting who we are

  1. Significant Life Events/Self-Esteem/Self Awareness
  2. Self-Acceptance : Home Life...Travel Your Own Path..
  3. Self-Identity
  4. Self-Empowerment (12 Essential Self-Empowerment Techniques)
  5. Guest Speakers Panel (Discussion: Friendships, Self-Identity, Life events, self-empowerment)

-Self-Reflection Presentation & Certificate Ceremony-

Module 3: Affirmation: Believing in ones individual ability

  1. Communication Skills; The three types of communication
  2. Exploring their values and how it influences their leadership styles...
  3. Goal Setting; How do we set realistic and achievable goals
  4. Positive Leadership: Exploring their ability to lead...Overcome Fear: Seize the moment: Leadership Video's
  5. Guest Speakers Panel (Discussion: Importance of effective communication and Values)

-Self-Reflection Presentation & Certificate Ceremony-

Module 4: Reassurance: In ones innate ability to overcome adversity

  1. Exploring Anger and Stress
  2. Dealing with Shame, Disrespect, Grief and Loss...
  3. Support System; Coping Skills; Stress Management
  4. Positive Leadership: Be a friend to yourself; Fill the void; Be at Peace; Leadership through experience...
  5. Guest Speakers Panel (Discussion: Anger management, stress management, Support Systems)

-Self-Reflection Presentation & Certificate Ceremony-

Module 5: Appreciating Self-Worth: I am more than the materialistic things that surround me

  1. Buying Happiness
  2. Developing Understanding of personal relationship with money
  3. Time Management/Procrastination
  4. Self -Sabatoge Behaviors/Problem Solving
  5. Guest Speakers Panel (Discussion: Buying Happiness; Understanding Net worth and self worth; problem solving) Final Group...

-Self-Reflection Presentation & Certificate Ceremony-

At the Conclusion of the program, participants will:

  • Develop life skills and leadership soft skills
  • Build and strengthen communication skills and relationship strategies
  • Develop and start the process of understanding the character traits of a good leader
  • Develop and understand how to set and accomplish realistic goals