Our Mission:

The mission of iriseaboveit, Incorporated is to empower, motivate, educate, and

inspire young people to go beyond their everyday limitations. We aspire each and
everyday to inspire communities of believers and achievers… We believe that the
greatest strengths lie in learning from… and empowering your brothers and

Our goal is to provide educational services to young people by uplifting them with
resources and tools that will help them develop the knowledge base to make
healthier life decisions. We will accomplish our goal through the implementation of
our Life Skills and Leadership groups, Missionary Services Retreats, and Sports and
Fitness initiatives. We provide these services to help ensure that young people
develop stronger social, emotional, mental, and physical skills. Skills that will
empower them to rise up and go beyond their everyday limitations...

Tax ID number:  81-4598291
501c3 Approved

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