About Us

At IRiseAboveIt, Inc, our goal is to rebuild from the inside by educating and reconditioning the mind of at-risk youth.  Our mission is to equip them with the social, emotional and leadership skills needed to make healthier decisions and be productive members of their community.  This includes educating them through sports and fitness to help them develop.

IRiseAboveIt, Inc believes that we are born with the inate abilities to beyond our limitations.  Due to life's unforeseen circumstances and challenges, our youth sometimes lose their way.  They lose faith in their natural ability to adapt and overcome adversity.  IRiseAboveIt, Inc, believes that through educating and reconditioning the mind, we can re-affirm their belief in their innate abilities.  IRiseAboveIt Inc, has two distinct programs that we offer our potential partners:

Life Skills and Leadership Training:  A 5-Module (30 week) Life Skills and Leadership curriculum to bring social, emotional development and education to at-risk youth receiving services from our various partners.  We will use self-empowered reflective learning during weekly group discussions and activities to help participants build thier interpersonal skills and gain a greater understanding of who they are and how it influences their decision-making in society.  At the end of each module, we bring guest panelists to discuss unit topics and give participants a realistic view on enduring and overcoming adversity.  At the end of each unit, students participate in a self-reflective presentation, sharing their individual learning and realization from the topics discussed.  We wrap up each week with certificate ceremonies to highlight their immediate success.  Read More Here-->

Sports and Fitness Training:  To help at-risk youth develop discipline and mental toughness.  This sports-specific training will help them develop the characteristics to go beyond their limitations by providing a positive outlet for them to realize their negative energy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Sports and fitness is transcendent across cultures; it can be used to influence the positive changes we strive to develop in our young people so that they can be change-agents in their communities.  Read more here-->